Letter From Recruitment Chair

Dear Potential New Member,

My name is Kallie Hicks, and I am serving as the 2019 Recruitment Chair for Phi Mu, Kappa Gamma. I'm glad you visited our page to learn more about us and that you are interested in going through formal sorority recruitment. Recruitment week is a week to discover a place where you belong, a place to make memories, and a place where you can find a home away from home. I found all of this and more in Phi Mu.

They say that college is some of the best years of your life. And, while that may be true for some, you will come to the realization that your life will change in a positive way, the moment you decide to become a member of a Greek organization.

Joining a sorority is more than just an organization – it's a lifelong commitment that thousands of women nationally choose to be a part of. On behalf of the women of the Kappa Gamma chapter of Phi Mu, I am honored to welcome you to what will be one of the most empowering experiences of your life. Throughout primary recruitment, you will meet friends that will turn into sisters and create memories that will last forever.

Phi Mu was founded on the three main values of love, honor, and truth. Today, we strive to achieve these values in academics, philanthropic efforts, and our everyday lives. We aspire to empower women to change the world while ensuring an eternal bond of sisterhood. My sisters are strong, passionate and independent women. I have found my best friends, future bridesmaids, and mentors here. I am so proud to call Phi Mu my home and I hope you can find a home here, as well.

Welcome to Troy University and I wish you the best as you embark on the life-changing experience that is formal recruitment.

XOXO, Kallie Hicks